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Verix allows end-users to retrieve and share their verified tax return transcript data with authorized third parties. An end-to-end integration involves client-side and server-side configurations. On the client-side, end-users interact with the Verix Connect module. Connect is a JavaScript module through which the end-user initiates the retrieval of their tax return transcripts. On the server-side, the authorized third party is able to securely retrieve the tax return transcript data using a token from the Connect module. The schematic below shows how tax return transcript data is retrieved with Verix:

  1. Your end-user initiates the retrieval of his or her tax return transcripts using Connect. Verix downloads and parses the transcripts, storing the information as a collection of tax_return objects. Connect returns a code upon successful end-user authentication.
  2. Once the end-user has authenticated with Connect, you send the code to your server. Your server exchanges the code (along with your client_id and client_secret) for a token, which corresponds to that end-user.
  3. Your server uses the token to securely retrieve the tax_return objects from Verix.

API Keys

You have two different API keys:




Publicly-exposed string, accessed via developer dashboard, used to initialize Verix Connect, identify your application, and build authorization URLs presented to users


A private identifier used to authenticate the identity of the application to the service API when the application requests a token; must be kept private between the application and the API


There are three Verix environments available to use:




Use the Sandbox environment for building and testing your integration. In this environment, you can enter any validly formatted input data and you will receive a randomly generated set of tax returns via the Verix API.


Use the Development environment for building and testing your integration. In this environment, you can enter the credentials for a sample account and you will receive a static set of tax returns via the Verix API.


Use the Production environment when you're ready to launch your integration. In this environment, your customers will enter their actual personal information. You will receive your customer's tax returns. Note, in this environment all requests are billed.

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Platform Overview

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